Our Program

Developed by lawyers with decades of experience as partners and global practice heads in international law firms, as well as general counsel positions, our program involves 12 MODULES that incrementally build the skill-set for your lawyers to become visionary business generators and leaders. Our program is not just another one-off training session, but a comprehensive process that has been proven to work.

The 12 MODULES build upon each other, and are put together in an easy-to-understand framework, with specific, practical and measurable outcomes. They can also be customized to your environment, and individual modules can also be extracted to reinforce or reinvigorate previous training provided, whether in-house or through other sources.

Our program leads to sustained results and enhanced performance both for individual lawyers and their firms. It integrates the following principles:

  • Contrary to standard practice, law professionals at every level need personally driven leadership development. The old leadership game was mainly hierarchical; the new situation is one in which everyone helps each other to be the best that they can be. The result is spectacular growth of expectation and delivery, enhanced commitment to the firm, and a superior client experience.
  • Research shows that leadership performance is directly proportional to self-awareness, a fundamental asset acquired at the beginning of our program.
  • Progress through the modules is measured and monitored. Lawyers must “graduate” from each module, though the time required to do so might vary.
  • As learning does not become “behavior” without conscious practice, as skills are learned, exercises are provided to implement them effortlessly into normal work activities.
  • “Graduation” is focused on performance outcomes, rather than acquisition of content.
  • Personalized one-to-one coaching sessions support the learning process, during which individuals discuss, apply and evaluate the outcomes of their new behaviors and outreach. Our fully trained coaches are hugely experienced in helping lawyers calibrate and monitor improvements in performance.
  • The course is interactive, engaging, and experiential.
  • The program has a solid basis in peer-reviewed neuroscience and psychology.