We empower lawyers to succeed

We help law firms improve bottom-line results by empowering your lawyers to move beyond mere technical expertise into becoming visionary business generators and leaders.

The truth is that the talents and skills that advance a lawyer’s early career don’t necessarily determine later success—they can even limit long-term performance if overplayed and not balanced by softer “people” skills.

Our comprehensive learning initiatives integrate proprietary content based upon the best-selling book Juggling the Big 3 for Lawyers with a 12 module program specifically designed to meet the issues faced by lawyers in their career advancement.

It’s based on the fact that, given the right awareness, tools, and training, associates can transition into high-performing business generators more successfully and with less stress and frustration. Yet the course is designed to offer something to everyone, because in this tougher more competitive market, lawyers need to be more than technically capable—at every stage of their careers.

The outcomes are measurable and our program leads to sustained results for both the individual and your law firm.