Jennifer Overhaus

Empowering the next generation of lawyers to be business generators and visionary leaders.

Jennifer OverhausJennifer Overhaus has achieved what she teaches. As an experienced partner and global practice head within a top 50 global law firm, and award winning practicing lawyer for over 20 years (in leading American and UK magic circle firms) Jennifer knows what it takes to succeed… and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with you.

Get to know Jennifer Overhaus and you will instantly discover her passion for life, ambition, and goal-centered achievement. It was this mindset that fueled her legal career, and helped her accomplish exactly what she set out to do as a lawyer:  distinguish herself as leading IT lawyer and head an international practice group in a top 50 global law firm.  

For Jennifer, becoming a known expert in her field was the easy part! Growing from a legal expert towards building up her client base, bringing in new business and developing her leadership skills proved much less straightforward, and taught her a good deal.

This is probably why Jennifer gradually became interested in helping the younger generation succeed with greater ease and self-awareness. As she focused on mentoring the young lawyers around her, she became increasingly conscious that they were often not encouraged to cultivate the skills most likely to bring them long-term success. (And looking back on her own journey, she realized that she too could have been better educated, as opposed to enduring the all-too-familiar lawyer scenario: sink or swim.)

Eventually, Jennifer's passion for mentoring best-possible development to junior lawyers transitioned into writing a book that would deliver her message to a much wider audience—which is how Juggling the Big 3 was born.

Jugglig the Big 3 for Lawyers

Jennifer is now a much sought after consultant, speaker, and trainer.  Through her unique and energetic approach, she motivates and empowers the next generation of lawyers to be visionary business generators and leaders.